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Avoiding Boomer Bust - 3 CPE Credit Hours

The purpose of this course is to inform the reader of the key issues facing baby boomers as they move toward retirement age. It describes experts’ views on the multiple causes of an impending financial squeeze for boomers hoping to enjoy retirement as well as provides a snapshot for how boomers can effect positive trends for housing, work issues, retirement benefits, estate planning and asset protection, and healthcare.

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Manufacturer: McClain
Delivery Method: Online Interactive Self Study
Level: Overview
Prerequisites: None
Recommended Credits: 3 CPE Hours 
Advanced Preparation: None
Author: Colleen Neuharth McClain
Category: Financial Planning
Publication Date: 05/25/2012


  • Consider the educational, financial, and emotional aspects of the “typical” boomer in their planning for a productive and stable second half of life;
  • Understand the changes to the concept of careers and lifestyle brought about by women’s entrance and ascension in the American workforce;
  • Plan for the revised needs and priorities of boomers as they prepare for the second half of life; and
  • Anticipate the changes to the workplace, market, and service sector instituted by the surge of older Americans in our culture.
  • Act to correct bad savings habits;
  • Analyze how the higher retirement age for full Social Security benefits and less secure retirement plan benefits affect the success of boomers’ retirement;
  • Factor in housing prices and costs and expected healthcare costs in calculating retirement financial needs; and
  • Anticipate how the country’s national debt and annual budget deficit, paired with boomers’ growing personal debt, may put retirement security at risk.
  • Compare housing options to accommodate boomers as they age;
  • Contrast the advantages of entrepreneurship, second careers, and volunteerism against the traditional full retirement economics and lifestyle;
  • Understand the regulations for and tax consequences of benefit payouts from retirement plans;
  • Initiate estate planning and select options to maximize asset protection; and
  • Distinguish among supplemental health plans and prepare for a trusted individual to act according to the patient’s wishes during a health crisis.
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