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State Requirements for Online Accounting CPE

State Accepted/Not Accepted Comments
Alabama Accepted  
Alaska Accepted  
Arizona Accepted  
Arkansas Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
California Most Courses are Accepted Our 2 hour California Regulatory Review Course is still pending.
Colorado Accepted  
Connecticut Accepted  
Delaware Accepted  
Florida Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Georgia Accepted  
Hawaii Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Idaho Accepted  
Illinois Not Accepted  
Indiana Accepted  
Iowa Accepted  
Kansas Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Kentucky Accepted  
Louisiana Most Courses are Accepted Ethics courses are not accepted at this time.
Maine Accepted  
Maryland Accepted  
Massachusetts Accepted While the online form for submission has an optional space for provider numbers, Massachusetts doesn't require providers have a number.  Please leave this space empty when submitting your CPE to the Massachusetts Board.  
Michigan Accepted  
Minnesota Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Mississippi Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Missouri Accepted  
Montana Accepted  
Nebraska Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Nevada Accepted  
New Hampshire Accepted  
New Jersey Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
New Mexico Accepted  
New York Not Accepted  
North Carolina Accepted  
North Dakota Accepted  
Ohio Not Accepted  
Oklahoma Not Accepted  
Oregon Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Pennsylvania Accepted Due to reciprocity with Texas our courses are accepted in Pennsylvania.  Simply enter our Texas Sponsor ID #010277 when you file with the Board.
Rhode Island Accepted  
South Carolina Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
South Dakota Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Tennessee Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Texas Accepted Sponsor ID#010277
Utah Accepted  
Vermont Accepted  
Virginia Accepted  
Washington Accepted While all of our offered courses are acceptede, we do not currently have an ethics course for Washington.
West Virginia Not Accepted/Requires NASBA  
Wisconsin Accepted  
Wyoming Accepted  
The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth - 20 CPE Credit Hours
NOT AN ONLINE COURSE! NOT TEXAS COMPLIANT. PLEASE SEE DETAILS. Starting a small business and making it a success isn’t easy. In fact, most small business owners don’t get rich and many fail. This book presents the straight truth on small business success.
Social Security Medicare & Government Pensions - 20 CPE Credit Hours
NOT AN ONLINE COURSE! NOT TEXAS COMPLIANT. PLEASE SEE DETAILS. Everyone wants to get the highest possible retirement and pension income – not to mention the best medical coverage. Turn to the completely updated 17th edition of Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions to discover the benefits you're entitled to
Fraud 101 - 20 CPE Credit Hours
NOT AN ONLINE COURSE! NOT TEXAS COMPLIANT. PLEASE SEE DETAILS. Fraud 101, Third Edition serves as an enlightening tool for you, whether you are a business owner or manager, an accountant, auditor or college student who needs to learn about the nature of fraud. In this invaluable guide, you will discover and better un
Bookkeeping for Nonprofits - 20 CPE Credit Hours
NOT AN ONLINE COURSE! NOT TEXAS COMPLIANT. PLEASE SEE DETAILS. Bookkeeping for Nonprofits is a hands-on guide that offers nonprofit leaders, managers, and staff the tools they need to create and maintain a complete and accurate set of accounting records. This much-needed resource provides those with little or no book
$99 Unlimited CPE Subscription
Our $99 Unlimited CPE Subscription includes 365 Days of Online access to all of the Accounting CPE Credits you need. Subscribers can access discounted Ethics for less than $10/course!

Our CPE Is Accepted In:

Our CPE is currently accepted in: AL, AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, GA, ID, IN, IA, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MO, MT, NV, NH, NM, ND, PA, RI, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WI, WY


Thank you for your quick response.  I can take unlimited courses for up to one year?  That means I can apply some of the courses for this year’s CPE deadline, and take additional courses after that toward my next period deadline!
Kathy CPA
Thank you very much. Appreciate your prompt response. Have a great day.
Linda CPA
Thank you. I finish a test when I am in a flight for a business trip so when I log in to your website, I can enter all answers.
Mike CPA

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